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Parental Counselling

The healthy development of children is very important for their parents. The development processes of babies that start in the mother’s womb continue rapidly after birth. Tracking the development of babies and children, especially between the ages of 0-3, allows the family to take an active role in their development and to communicate effectively with their children. Having information about what skills the baby has acquired at what month will pave the way for him/her to be supported more easily. As a result of the evaluations made, early intervention counselling will be provided by me for babies or children who develop differently from their peers or who have developmental retardation. In addition, during this period of age 2 syndrome also called terrible 2’s, children start to experience feelings such as anger, jealousy, fear, and shame when they feel blocked, and they can show their feelings by crying and stubborn for a long time. This issue is a challenging situation for caregivers, and it is planned to provide them with counselling in which parenting attitudes are discussed so that they can cope with these situations more easily.

Child Counselling

The need for socialization increases between the ages of 3 and 6. During this period, when the child experiences a problem, instead of expressing their feelings, they reflect it to their behaviour. In today’s conditions, families may have difficulty in following their children or finding solutions in this period of rapid change. In the counselling of children aged 3 to 6; The problem behaviour of the child, behavioural patterns, the developmental group of the child, family structure and family attitudes, cultural differences and language barrier will be evaluated by me and the most appropriate working method for the child and family will be determined. The beginning of the school age in the lives of children in this period is one of the important turning points. Some children may find it difficult to adapt to this process, their level of achievement may decline, they may feel unhappy and behavioural problems may occur. In addition, friendships come to the fore and problems in social relationships are likely to occur. Towards the end of this age period, children feel some changes in their bodies and regarding this they need support. In this period, test evaluations, individual interviews, art therapy, family interviews being made to ensure that the mental, social, and physical development of children are expressed correctly.

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Highschool students

Adolescent Counselling

Between childhood and adulthood, there are important issues in adolescence, the period in which individual identity, psychological, physical, social, and emotional development take place rapidly. Adolescents who cannot properly manage some issues such as family conflicts, academic problems, friendship problems, and sexual identity formation may face some mental problems and feel themselves unrecognized and lonely. At this point, analytical therapy method, which focuses on establishing a relationship with the adolescent themselves will be used by me.

Online Therapy

Online counselling has grown rapidly in popularity due to lower wait times, convenience and often, a lower cost than face to face therapy. Known by a wide variety of names, from e-counselling and e-therapy to email or telephone counselling. Providing access to qualified experts who may be further away from you, often at more convenient times to suit your schedule, online therapy can take place anywhere with a steady internet connection. Especially for adolescents who do not want to go out, it is possible to reach online therapy by staying in front of their favourite screen. 

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Student of art-school

Art Therapy

Everyone over time experiences difficulties that they may find challenging. In a private and confidential therapeutic space you can reflect and work through these difficult feelings, thoughts and behaviour. Attending to your difficulties may help you to resolve areas of challenge in your life. By drawing the feelings, clients can overcome their speechlessness and take an active role in their recovery. Art therapy is particularly appealing to children who like to take the opportunity to express themselves in creative ways. It’s essential to involve the parents. It helps that understanding the child past experiences and family environment.

Family Counselling

Family counselling evaluates the individual within the family, not alone.  Therefore the problems that arise or will arise are evaluated not individually but as a family one. So it is psychologically supported by raising awareness about the problems experienced in the family. 

Psychological Asessment Tests

Child and Adolescent RORSCHACH, CAT ve TAT, WISC-IV Wechsler Intelligence Test,  Human Drawing Analytic Interpretation Test, St. Binet Intelligence Test, Brunet-Lezine Developmental Test.

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